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SINCE 1794

Explicit Notions of A Born Rebel by ~ Patrice F Gibbs

Posted by on Jul 10, 2015 in KNOWLEDGE | 0 comments

Patrice Fredrick Gibbs was born into an activist family of Black Nationalists and primarily educated by his politically spiritually radical Mother. Not always willing to participate in the family tradition of activism, Patrice didn’t realize his ability to contribute to the family legacy until he was almost thirty years old. Once he found his niche, he knew there was no turning back. Here is the story of how he got there and the resulting notions Patrice was compelled to write about that were in his soul fighting to get out. to purchase your copy click here Paperback: 184 pages Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (June 29, 2015) Language: English...

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Branches of the Tree of Life: The Collected Poems of Abiodun Oyewole

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BRANCHES OF THE TREE OF LIFE is the first comprehensive volume of poems by Abiodun Oyewole, many of them never before published. Oyewole’s poems are powerful, often political, always lyrical and profoundly moving. Over the course of his forty year career and his long affiliation with The Last Poets, Oyewole is one of several poets credited for liberating American poetry by creating open, vocal, spontaneous, energetic and uncensored vernacular verse that paved the way for spoken word and Hip Hop. Using the spiritual, the sacred and the mystical, Oyewole often turns to the tree as a symbol of change and growth. His poetry rebranches into different directions, becoming grandeur in its proportions, and more complexly diversified in its structure. BRANCHES OF THE TREE OF LIFE is a living testament to a stunning career that confirms Abiodun Oyewole’s place at...

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New Book Drops December 5th! Publishing houses don’t think the youth will read or that we even care…Prove them wrong, pre-order your copy today! Here’s a peak at what a few folks have to say about the book: Founder of the national grassroots FTP Movement, Kalonji Changa pens his sophomore revolutionary manual “Street Codes from Gangsta to Guerrilla: A message to the youth in America” with an opening message from the West Coast’s most revered triple OG-turned intelligent gangsta, “Monster” Kody Scott. Changa reaches out to those who are actively bangin’ in an attempt to organize their energy for the betterment of the community” -The Source Magazine (ShaBe Allah) “Step back, give ’em guns, watch ’em kill each other.” Imagine the fear that could be instilled if our young people stopped killing each other and populating the for-profit prisons...

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We need to re up our charge . There are certain requirements. We are going to have to love ourselves enough to create an internal environment inside our bodies and inside our homes. These new ecosystems will be our new colonies instead of dealing with these white blood cell colonies like the U.S.A the cannibal colonies that regulate our own neighborhoods (our bodies). It starts in the kitchen and until we are self and food sustainable we have to shop the supermarkets, Let AC show you how TO PRE ORDER YOUR COPY GO TO:...

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ANALYTIXZ : By Professor Griff

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20 years of conversations and enter-views with public enemy’s minister of information. ANALYTIXZ: 20 Years of Conversations and Enter- Views with Public Enemy’s Minister of Information By Professor Griff Reviewed by Kalonji Changa Analytixz highlights over two decades of candid interviews with a man once considered the most controversial figure in Hip Hop. Professor Griff, one of the founding members of the legendary music group Public Enemy – who brought us classics like “Fight the Power”, “Bring the Noise”, and “He Got Game” – has dropped a historical text that expands beyond the boundaries of Hip Hop and branches into analytical critiques of politics, pop culture, and other facets of entertainment. Professor Griff, whose role as the Minister of Information for Public Enemy, compiled some of the most revealing, hardcore interviews that he has done over the span of...

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The Magnum Opus on Sacred Spiritual Technology, Akashic Interface & the Singularity

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“The Magnum Opus on Sacred Spiritual Technology, Akashic Interface & the Singularity” Limited Edition Book. ONLY 50 copies will be sold and only 50 people will have the limited edition book on the planet. Available MARCH 5TH. They will go extremely fast. Order @...

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