The album is called ASASE YAA​, and it’s kind of a continuation of AFAHYE. I think that the album shows how we’ve matured and how we’ve grown as artists. ASASE YAA is a West African term for Mother Earth. Conceptually, the reason that we chose the name ASASE YAA is that the album is commemorating Mother Earth in a couple of different ways. I think that the album shows an appreciation of the Earth. It’s about seeing the Earth as our home and loving and caring for it. We particularly wanted to focus on the concept of the woman as Earth, especially the symbol of the black woman as Mother Earth. We wanted to uplift her and discuss what it is to be a black woman in America. You have to know where you’re from to know where you’re going. So the entire project is a journey of us returning, as African-Americans who are here as a result of the trans-Atlantic slave trade, to retrieve things that we’ve lost and things that we’ve been deprived of. It’s about becoming whole again.



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  1. Tiara cook

    Great music How can I belong I need and want to belong give me the identity that I have always long to have and know exist with in me.!


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