“Knock Knock” is the second music video release from Intikana’s new album, “Alkaline Venom.” The track features the legendary Keith Murray. Music production by Xen Medina. Mixing & Mastering by DJ Fred Ones at TME Pro Studios in the South Bronx. Music Video Thumbnail Photo by Jamal “10th” Spann. #AlkalineVenom is available now on all digital platforms. www.intikana.net

Special Thanks: EPMD, Def Squad Studio, A-F-R-O, RJ & Global Cuts, Sheila Rodriguez, Bamboo MC, Max, Milan, Madisyn, Marquis, Tito Kilos, Javid Francis, TeeJ, Jamal “10th” Spann, Ladeva “Latanya” Devaughn, Bronx Bound Books, & El Fogon. “Welcome To The South Bronx” Art Mural by Tats Cru.

Music Video Directed by @keithmurrayrap + @intikana Edited by @intikana Videography by @intikana @10th_wonderz @dantefilmz @bamboo.mc @keithmurrayrap @charliespanish