a new black arts movement presents commUniversity.
film screening, discussion and communal learning experience by various revolutionary artist, educators, scientist and the likes…

honoring the month of revolutionary matriarchy and making the connections with the black liberation struggle and the struggle of the irish liberation movements.

rsvp movement@xspiritmental.com

724 Empire Blvd
Brooklyn NY 11213
3pm gather 4pm sharp start
$5 exchange (if you do not have $5 to exchange then bring something of equal value; food (please no “junk” food), fruits, vegetables, toilet paper, no paper towels, etc, be creative. its not about the money its about exchange so all welcome and all encouraged. this is our commUniversity, not an event so commune, convene, conspire)
youth pay with time and attention

let us know you want to continue this
March 15th commUniversity
film screening TBA (hopefully the Black and the Green – a film about the black liberation and irish liberation movement, its a hard one to get so we are working on it) followed by discussion/strategy session on the connections with the BLA and the IRA and solidarity connections in between from Fredrick Douglass to Marcus Garvey to Bernadette Devlin.

read, study, strategize, revolutionize, repeat…
Knowledge is Power

A New Black Arts Movement
Movement in Motion
Soul Squad Information Board
UZN Chapter 9- Noble 9 Zuluz
Guerilla Republik
Urban Art Beat



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