PAM AFRICA SPEAKZ TO THE GUERRILLA REPUBLIK WARRIOR NATION AND BROTHER MUMIA ABU JAMAL 60TH LIFE CELEBRATION. FOR MORE INFORMATION ( ) AND TO ACQUIRE YOUR OFFICIAL ” I STAND WITH MUMIA SHIRT ” WHICH WILL GO TOWARDS MUMIA WAR CHEST FUND GO TO ( ) (!product/prd1/1730356125/i-stand-with-mumia-tee-shirts ) (!product/prd1/1730514165/i-stand-with-mumia-tee ) ( ) The WAR cry has been heard. Warriors from all corners hear the echos. 60 years and still standing strong the time has come for justice. Mumia has been a voice of the voiceless for decades, speaking for the people before speaking for himself. Well it’s time for the people, to amplify his voice, so to heard for surrender was never an option. It is with GReat honor, that WE the people introduce a POWERFUL collaboration. This design is not just a tee shirt. This is OUR weapon of choice…made out of LOVE. These shirts are being offered to the people with ALL PROCEEDS going DIRECTLY into Mumia’s War Chest. This shirt is available WORLD WIDE. The Bringmumiahome Committee thanks you all in advance for your love, support and contribution. PEACE, LOVE & POWER TO THE PEOPLE

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