New Book Drops December 5th! Publishing houses don’t think the
youth will read or that we even care…Prove them wrong, pre-order your copy today!

Here’s a peak at what a few folks have to say about the book:

Founder of the national grassroots FTP Movement, Kalonji Changa pens his sophomore revolutionary manual “Street Codes from Gangsta to Guerrilla: A message to the youth in America” with an opening message from the West Coast’s most revered triple OG-turned intelligent gangsta, “Monster” Kody Scott. Changa reaches out to those who are actively bangin’ in an attempt to organize their energy for the betterment of the community”
-The Source Magazine (ShaBe Allah)

“Step back, give ’em guns, watch ’em kill each other.” Imagine the fear that could be instilled if our young people stopped killing each other and populating the for-profit prisons and, instead, turned their street knowledge on the suites that hide real men in sheets.
-Cynthia McKinney (US Congresswoman/ 2008 Presidential Candidate)

Going from “Gangster To Guerrilla”, one must display a high level of bravado and defiance. Under his pen, Kalonji Changa gives us the most authoritative study for today’s youth in a succinct and insightful way, that’s deeply rooted in revolutionary history.
-Rahiem Shabazz- (Journalist/Filmmaker)

Pre-order your copy today and save $10!


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