Абстакт – Бойни полета (prod. Черноглед) GUERRILLA REPUBLIK BULGARIA

We live in times of artificial entertainment,
loose body and tattoos no matter,
vanity exaggerated and degrading generations,
rubber dinner, but saturate necks,
a mystery unveiled, but in the eyes of enemies.
A loyal dog or just a pig,
a person over the animal will never prevail.
The tone is heavy, the fist breaks the concrete,
not to take if I do not give
and thirst as I suffer.
In the trap you succumb, they immediately strangle you,
the body lightens like a feather and stops to smash,
and if there is no tactic, your own anger will poison you.

Five hundred leaves, five hundred battlefields,
between which the soul is cruel, but it is unconquered.
You are the right hand of the mafia, and I – the right of the Lord
and now I burn in the flames of rebellion,
But what about you is a revolution?
What is it like to be a patriot?
To vote for a Bulgarian at the Eurovision? Idiot …
False formalities in the tomb – in the coffin with a suit,
2/3 of the nation are in complete depression,
1/3 of them are mistaken for being cheerful,
but full happiness is in the eyes of a heroin addict.
It is ultimate realism, not altruistic.
Through the column of you as a nuclear bomb I enter,
a hermit in the face of social tragedies.
Do not ask what hardcore hip-hop is in the media.
I rappy like a babbit with teeth bloody,
when you listen to this, pray that there will be no one in front of you …

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