$100 16 Bar Live Stream Contest with MADD ILLZ

Madd Illz will stream live for 3 hours on Feb 22, 6pm-9pm and will be listening to your best 16 bars. One winner will receive $100 cash. During this live show, Illz will giveaway prizes to viewers such as gear from Guerrilla Republik and THEBBOYSPOT. Prizes also include free tickets to local shows, free beats from producers and prize packs from our other sponsors. Whether you are looking for a good quality show with prizes just for watching or you are trying to get your product heard, this will be the place.

Sponsor slots are closing soon so contact us right away if you are interested in being promoted along with our show!

Rules for entry (MUST FOLLOW ALL RULES):
1. Email MADDILLZ @ GMAIL . COM with your MC name to announce your entry. Madd illz will personaly get you set up and explain how you can further get more attention from our audience during the live stream.

2. Record your 16 bar verse via your cell phone – no fancy production. We need to see the raw you. Have a friend hold your phone or set it down and record yourself. Everybody gets a shot!

3. Start your video by saying “This is (your name) and this is my entry for the 16 bar challenge with MADD ILLZ”

4. Your verse should immediately follow the introduction line and should not last anymore than 1 minute long.

5. Verses may be acapella or over a beat. They may be poems as long as they fit into a 16 bar structure.

6. Upload your video to any of your PUBLIC social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, your personal website, Tumblr or any site that hosts video is acceptable as long as it can be publicly viewed.

7. Send your link to MADD ILLZ (by now, you will have had a couple emails back and forth with him)

8. Promote your verse online and let everyone know the date and time to tune in and see if you win. The more you promote, the more eyes will be on your verse.

9. Tune in on Wednesday, Feb 22 from 6pm-9pm for your verse to be played live. Illz will drop a link to your verse in the chat box for the live audience to view. He will listen to your verse live and will give you feeback. You will also recieve live feedback from our audience members and have the potential of gaining a lot of new fans.

10. Madd Illz will announce the winner at the end of the broadcast and reward money wil be sent via paypal immediately. Prizes will be mailed out next business day.


11. Verses will be played at random. If you are okay with that, look no further.

If you want a SPECIFIC time slot, paypal $10 to MADDILLZ @ GMAIL . COM and receive the upgrade social marketing package.

What do I get for a $10 time slot?

1. You know exactly when you will be reviewed so you can be at your computer and ready to build relationships with all the new potential fans that are commenting live. This is very important to you as an artist as we will help you develop a mini marketing campaing of your own to maximize your investment.

2. Your video will be reviewed in advance and we will personally give you tips on how to optimize your post on whatever social media platform you are on. The information given to you can be used to optimize your other posts as well.

3. You will have access to personal video streaming sessions about your social marketing with Madd illz. We are here to help you build the best presentation for your investment.

Contact us right away if you have ANY questions. Good luck and have fun!!!

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