AC LIVE: There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen

If you run across a sovereign citizen, duck and cover because that right there is a walking, talking too much, oxymooron. You do not want to be associated with these Domestic Terrorist. “Watch the news, I’m going to make them tell the truth.” ~Prophet Noble Drew Ali

Domestic because they are citizens that call themselves sovereign while threatening their subject master with paperwork. PAPERWORK!!!!

! BEEN THERE DONE THAT, There is no such thing as a sovereign citizen. STOP PLAYING. AND….all these new movements popping off like they are doing something…please my sheeple don’t get fleeced.Tonight’s show is a clean up show. So get your mirrors out so we can reflect. AC is teaming up with my brother and minister…Enqi and anyone else who wants to be on this build FOR THE RECORD.

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