Apollo Brown & Ras Kass – “Humble Pi”


What’s the mathematic Pi?

It’s humble Pi

Think about it


Annunaki chocolate Darren Aronofsky

Word in my balls, shining like swarovski

Never needed swag, politics, or paparazzi

I’d rather knock a foxy chick [?] with Nazi’s

Hot by proxy, I rhymed with the greatest MC’s

Pandemic, this the latest disease

No skills, million rappers claim they trappin’ with keys

So I swing across bars like the flying trapeze

SoCal, where I was conceived

Another L.A. King, the meek die on their knees

Cause of greed, mama used to read proverb 16

(Pride comes before a fall, lose it all)

And that’s when you see who really got ya back

Rassy bring the city joy like the Shaq attack

Black mac Benz wagon with the matching hat

This is backpack ratchet, nigga action packed

And most of y’all garbage homie facts is facts

Even if you paid big bucks to get fucked and dick sucked

Hiccup then lick nuts for platinum plaques

Hope you pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down, wack is wack Jack

Ungrateful Thanksgiving, they feasted on ribs gave us intestines Where the shits been, we made that chitlins

Necessity’s the mother of inventions

My light bulb go off cause I don’t like wishin’


Keep Reinventing


My nigga, have you ever dated a white girl?

Y’all break up and argue then she call you the N word

(Damn, aight girl)

Not N-I-G-G-A, N-I-G-G-E-R

Entice you to strike her so you can see these bars

I’m Missy Elliot like he-he-he-he-ha

You are not needed trollop, not you or VCR’s

I’m somewhere on krypton and you just see these stars

Parallel universe, free-throw shootin’ meteors

And slam dunkin’ planets

My semantics damn near tantric

Dorothy came to Kansas

You was never on my bandwidth

And fuck FM radio stations you complacent

Cause y’all play the most ignorant songs in creation

Wayne said he’d make these hoes love em like Satan

Jay partnered with Barney’s with racial discrimination

And Kanye gear sport confederate flags

His ancestors severed heads was in confederate bags

And this ain’t hate, this just the truth

About when blacks escape the concrete jungle, and lose humble

Humility’s a blessing and many men have tumbled

Off that pedestal soon as your foundation crumbles

Beef sausage in my gumbo

Pourin’ out liquor for my grandparents and uncle

Who I get drunk for, Californication no Runkle

Blue leather belt, big silver H on the buckle

Ebbs and flows, made a modest living off rapping

Can’t say I’m ballin’ I’m still tryna make it happen

Impregnate the beat and murk it like Rae Carruth

Stand on Dr. King’s mountaintop and raise the roof

produced by Apollo Brown || directed by Jay Brown;
After FX: Paul Mihailoff || Production Assistant: Sam McKenna
Executive Producers: Michael Tolle & Austin Hart
Mello Music Group, 2014

From the album Apollo Brown & Ras Kass “Blasphemy”

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