Bo’kem Allah – Dioses y Tierras feat. Ras Kalipssus

From the 2015 release, The Righteous Way [theme music] by Bo’kem Allah, also known as Quique Cruz, from Santa Ana, CA. This one is an international, bilingual tribute to the Nation of Gods & Earths. Featuring the Mighty Ras Kalipssus, who resides in Medellin, Colombia.
The track is a mellowed-out Spanish guitar sample with a bottom-heavy beat and a snare that SLAPS like Abuelita with her chancla! The joint was produced by Quique Cruz and the cuts are provided by Prime Meridian.



Director/René Enrique Roman
Cam. Op./Lula Roman
Editor/René Enrique Roman

An EBS Multi-Media Production…

Quique Cruz:…

Ras Kalipssus:…

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