“Ciudad Insomnio” is a mega collabo of Mexico City´s finest emcees on a hard hitting beat of UK producer The Soul Beat Assassinator. It reminds of the golden age collabs where one city showed off their many talents. The creator of this track and video is Kwervo, a belgian film- and beatmaker currently residing in Mexico City. Besides orchestrating the song and putting the artists together he also shot and directed the entire video. We talked to him about the process and goals of this project.

How did you come up with the idea of doing this mega collabo?

Kwervo: “I´ve been living in Mexico City for a while now and have worked with various local emcees, mostly those of my own crew Demonios Sekt. But since I´ve been here I´ve got to know more artists that I really like what they´re doing and that I wanted to work with as well. So instead of collaborating with them one by one I felt it would be more powerful to put them all together on one big project. Once The Soul Beat Assassinator sent me this dope ass beat I felt it was perfect for a big collab.”

Tell us a bit more about who is on the track ?

Kwervo : “Well, the first ones I recruited were my Sekta brothers Sr. Amargo (aka Rhytmund Freud), TxVxMxOxRx and Acherre. I had been working with Allan Poek as well. Then I hit up Crey and DJ Paxil (both of the Lavozekreta crew) and once they agreed to get on the track I hit up Nedman Guerrero and T-Killa, two heavyweight emcees in Mexico City that I knew would bring something extra to the track. Not to forget, Livera, a female emcee that I feel has a lot of talent.”

What is the concept of the video?

Kwervo: “Mexico City is a giant city that almost has the same amount of inhabitants as my entire country of birth (Belgium). Therefore it has a lot of different locations, from the most poorest neighborhoods “barrios” to really hip and artsy zones where more rich people live. I wanted to show those different faces of the city in the video by shooting every emcee in another location, matching their vibe. I think therefore the video turned out really rich because I shot in a lot of different spots. I also added some movie type scenes to it to make it more dynamic, thanks to my homies in the Ramos Millan.”

What is next to come?

Kwervo: “Definitely a lot more visuals and a lot more dope music. I´m trying to help create more unity between hip hop artists and achieve some professional collaborations so that the talent that is here is exploited in the right way.”

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