Fantasy [Music Video] – Intikana

Song: “Fantasy” Artist: Intikana Producer: BreakBeat Lou Album: “Alkaline Venom” Music Produced & Mastered by Breakbeat Lou. Lyrics Written & Performed by Intikana.

Engineered & Mixed by DJ Fred Ones. Recorded at TME Pro Studios. Filmed in France by Architeknic. Europe Tour Organized by Underground Luv. Filmed in The Bronx & Harlem by Tenth Wonderz. Music Video Co-Star: Dominique Sade. Music Video Production Design by Christopher Benjamin aka C-Logic. Production Assistance & BTS Footage by Javid Francis. Music Video Directed, Executive Produced & Edited by Intikana. Additional B-Roll by Dante Hillmedo. Social Media: @Intikana TV​ (IG: @Intikana ) @BreakBeatLou @FredOnesTME @TMEPro @Architeknic @10th_Wonderz @Ms.DominiqueSade @Clogic_BX @JavidFrancis @Xen_Medina Special Thanks: @Studiooneeightynine @AbrimaErwiah @Aglit_Italy @UndergroundLuv @Lumi.NYC @TheBronxNative @HushLifeBoutique @SeasonedVegan @MainAttractionHairCo @Guazabara.Earthstrong @Team NDL​ @Nespounta @DJ.Scribe.Mulhouse @War_Of_Luv @Radio_MNE @Guerrilla Republik​ @GuerrillaGroovesRadio @IzTheTruth @MasLawSun @LequipeDenuit

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