GUERRILLA REPUBLIK BULGARIA PRESENTS : Абстакт – Гибелни Времена (Prod. Chernogled)


Abstakt – Gibelni Times

And how unique poets were misunderstood,
ahead of their time, but lost by the same
undetected prematurely from stupid audience.
At a young age I take life as Petya Dubarova
and after 20 winters back from the grave to sow knowledge.
From my truths you become uncomfortable as of ridiculous statement.
My heart is empty and radioactive panes as Chernobyl
and foreign requirements’ve never fought
and how many people were familiar with colorful idea, talent
and a flair for art, but the system circuits crushing them
and are now deserted because as lean knife to the bone for cash
you desire them strangled each call energy
but that creativity, not long after leaving and your own.
And if ever some reason the same happens to me,
please kill me to know that I have failed in this world
where death is your friend and reality – the enemy.

Basically listen to tracks like a faithful admirer,
one of the reasons to do it – to bring the scene Diversity
but sometimes I need to remember who I am
and I do not mean to cram the old level,
but just awakened shared a part of themselves,
Have I lost something and how many levels progressed am
veiled interest you – then it means your poor,
and a night mirage of lunar eclipse seen
the entire cosmos in its pupils and has since
as a hermit in poluasketizam roam.
A hatred for all pulling my plans down
a love for everyone supporting me in my solo road

Millions of artists did in in disastrous times
society incinerate them and all passed
by periodic transitions from a panic attack,
but am very strong and will not give up.
Even the world over, will you see me standing there
in the middle of the devastation – hard unaffected.
Reflecting awareness for work
a different frequency than most of you

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