GUERRILLA REPUBLIK BULGARIA PRESENTS : Абстакт – Отровата на обществото

Видео обработка: STRAIGHT OUTTA HIP HOP…
Заснемане: Nuclearcore Skeletness (Guerrilla Republik Bulgaria)
Спец. благодарности за Тони Атанасова за заснемането

Инструментал: CHOSZ
Запис, смесване и обработка: Realies
Албумът “Хрониките на Будния” се продава на CD носител, 8лв,…
или Имейл: за връзка.
Свали безплатно албума оттук:…

БГ Текст:…
ENG Lyrics (Translated):
A herd sleeping away its whole life
approaches to the slaugherhouse itself,
a few see the truth like in Cloud Atlas.
They feed us with our own selves
and our own left-overs.
Factory-mmade food, factory-made clothes,
factory-made humans placed in factories,
involved in endless fables,
but claiming sinless habits.
Characters in greenhouses
worship a 30-inch divinity
with a high resolution –
a trophey for everyday life occasions.
Stuffed in factories without a single trace of will,
where suicidal genocide spreads like a disease.
Economy fills up, the soul drains out,
poisonous gas dims every humaneness,
drowns it in black lava
and evaporates it again.
For a clearer picture, also watch the Baraka movie –
no word uttered, but a thousand pictures in the head.

I am masked with a gas mask
against the poison of society…(x4)

Humans in prisons with their hands on the bars
that are actually bar-codes,
intoxicated with their wrong perception of freedom,
write a new chapter from a series of imitated ones on a daily basis.
But I am masked with a gas mask
against the poison of society,
i swim against the current, because
it is somehow irreconcilable
to be mixed in a large bowl
like the fucking lotary numbers.
Gold smuggling in coffins on ships
is nowadays times more important
than any reasoning within people
and the main element in society’s poison
is the materialistic greediness.
Souls are poured down,
sometimes from a high altitude
like waterfalls of coins
and only leave a soft “ding”
when they collide with one another,
now – looking at one another
with a golden reflection.
And this affects the world
like a sudden inflammation
and only a minority can
indefinitely recognize it,
because everything else
are just echoes
of the same corrupted voice shouting.
And each one of them is
inherently deprived from their voice,
that’s why I am always metaphorically
with a gas mask!

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