Hezekiah EveryBody (official Video)

EVERYBODY https://3crates.bandcamp.com/track/ev… First we talk about it then we listen. Tonight is the first night of my real time releases. Every Friday 7:30 PM we talk about the music via Instagram live @hezekiah3rd . 830p we listen Via #bandcamp 3crates.bandcamp.com I have so many gems for you. Songs,EP’s, Artist and projects I’ve produced and never released. Week #1 EVERYBODY. Some songs sit in our hard drives not knowing what to do with them until either a personal or cultural shift occurs, making space for new ideas and new sounds. I recorded EVERYBODY Dec 2018… too soon…Hez. 2020 vision right on time. Vibes as usual. Lets Grow Everybody The 2nd single from Hezekiah Up Coming LP The Universe Does Not Reward Fear. INCLUDED VIDEO DIR by all these folk @migo_sosa @lynnhollyelizbeth @visionairemaine @mrsonnyjames @richardraw @kingmikebeon @blissalonia @dawgondrums7 @from_overseas

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