Morbius – “Order 66” ft. Dj Soul Buck

New music off my upcoming album – Death Is Only The Beginning – dropping later this year. ORDER 66 ft. Dj Soul Buck
Calling All Emcees/Lyricist aka My Fellow Sith’s!
It’s Time To Execute ORDER 66 And Eliminate These Rapping Culture Vulture.
Also available on the new Guerrilla Republik Mix-tape available at &

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Verse 1

I’m formulated from the flesh not engineered synthetic,
A true dark lord what you read about in ancient relics;

Let me embellish on the premise of a Jedi that turns hellish,
Your angelic in my pain they relish hoping to your god i perish;

But that’s what I cherish inherit genetically equipped,
With a birthright to leave your penmanship at risk;

I’m not the one you want to refer to and talk so slick,
Celestially spit a master of the force lord of the Sith;

You lacking the gift lowering the expectations rate,
Running around like if you don’t have an expiration date;

I’m like a lion in the tall grass who patiently waits,
As you fall for the bait accelerating your heavenly fate;

My instincts are innate avoiding Shark-y waters and lake,
Cause I’m in the jungle fighting with the gorillas and apes;

It’s freedom we chase preserving the culture and mind state,
Ya just narrate home safe with food on your plate;

But I’m Returning like a man who has forsaken his purpose,
Verses putting my soul for purchase to kill the meager and worthless;

Made it to the surface burned, i was found in a ditch,
Refurbished put back together to rule as lord Morbius;

Verse 2

You young and pretentious alive by my act of repentance,
I’ll take’em on solo or even master and apprentice;

See Im relentless pressing the issue itching to fight,
you on socializing baiting the people fishing for like;

I ain’t that type My light saber is what I write,
And you just might, be another dead Jedi night;

No longer feeding my enemy info of how I’m like;
So sodomizing this mic just in case you think twice;

Coming before Christ it’s Morbius the baptist,
Flow elastic this Bronx nasty ass kid;

Wit no practice on your map and atlas,
Guarding the enhances from a jedi enchantress,

Tuned to my own bandwidth ancient sanskrit,
Natural gift to paint a picture without a canvas;

You plastic and more like a Hollywood actress,
I’m organic fabrics for people advancements;

Serenading the captive showing what rap is,
A beast out of Jurassic Spitting venom and acid,;

The living galatic’s taking your world off its axis,
That’s it! Activate order 66!

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