Resolute – “Dark Knight” (Produced by : Panik of Molemen) [Cuts by DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks]

For Digital and Physical:……

Resolute is an emcee that hails from Chicago, IL and released his debut album “The Last Horizon” on June 25, 2014. The eleven track album reflects heavily on two core elements of the genre; emceeing & DJing via Resolute & DJ Kwestion of Jedi Mind Tricks.
Featuring notable appearances/production by: AZ, Molemen, Mr. Green, Crown, BBZ Darney, Kyo Itachi, Vherbal, June Marx & Symphonik Bang

Resolute’s style is based purely on the unique individual that he has become today, his methods of survival and his quest for wisdom and freedom amid the chaotic journey that life is. Resolute is also well known for his adventurous spirit inspiring his worldwide travel missions and leaving an undeniably powerful impact in all of the places he visits.

The Last Horizon’s specially crafted soundscape captures the essence that Resolute embodies. The album offers deep insight into Resolute’s style which focus’s specifically on everything that makes him the unique, yet balanced individual he is.

Handling the majority of scratches throughout the album, acting as Resolute’s personal choice DJ from this point and beyond, is Jedi Mind Tricks own DJ Kwestion on the turntables.

Featuring a stellar production ensemble such as, Memoriza & Panik of Chicago’s infamous Molemen crew, BBZ Darney, a young rising producer and all around explosive prodigy from Sweden (who also crafted the album’s design), Enemy Soil/Grimreaperz member Crown representing France, the vibrant and classic styled sounds of Mr. Green, & military specialist June Marx, both from Brooklyn, New York, Switzerland’s own premier production team Symphonik Bang, Anno Domini producer Vherbal from U.S. and the well renowned head of Shinigamie Records, Kyo Itachi from France.

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