SA-ROC: GIFT OF THE MAGI Produced by: Sol Messiah

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Y’all should’ve known I had to rock a joint hookless, these pretty tony muhs pimping tracks like they hookers. Fuck trafficking ain’t no accident my lane is so desolate, l ghost ride the alphabet pop a wheelie for the onlookers. I’m honored u so intimidated by me, I dig it. Cuz I walked in your cipher and renovated that shit with my lyrics. My eminence imminent I’ll give u a minute to Merriam Webster this sentence then fall back to the rhythm. But Since they always want me to dumb it down I’ll spill it, means it may not be tomorrow, but I’m definitely winning-that’s period. No other marks on my team allowed, i rarely beef but when i do you best believe that the cuts have been deemed Halal, player. I don’t mess with the pig either. I’m not trying to die today, it ain’t in my diet neither.
And I’m apologizing for anyone that I have yet to offend, but I rather be pleading the fifth than play follow the leader. I’m sonically out your league, that’s my finest achievement. Anatomically I’m a diamond flawlessly chiseled. So That mean Roc reflect the light every angle she seen in. Start with Salaams and then leave every song mangled and beaten. I’m the garden of Eden, every cadence is like paradise. Catapulting atoms out the gate blazing-farenheit. I’m like Farrakhan leading this nation towards the light, and the brilliance got em stunned into silence that’s laryngitis, right? I’m the embodiment of billion stars from black skies. And every time I spit, the whole planet baptized. This frankincense and myrrh got the grammar game golden, lo and behold the holy gift of the magi. Let’s begin.

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