The Shining Path Project – ‘Project Genesis’ (Official Video)

The Shining Path Project’s Self-Titled Debut Album

Yes indeed my friends, the Peasant Podium clan is at it again with one truly outstanding unique work of art for all you Hip Hop fans. Rightfully so and just the way I like it, “The Shining Path Project” was produced and arranged all in house by The Shining Path Project (Mutants that be: Verbal Lexapro, Rhino and Hector Torres) with of course some great assistance from the very ill DJ/Producer on them precise cuts & slices is non other than Fred Ones (mixed and mastered by the TME pro). What you have here is a group of positive individuals making music to take and move your soul, body & mind onto a deeper plane. Persuading you to question all things going on in the world we live in at the moment like for instance, the injustice done to our natives, the minorities, the poor, the homeless, those suffering from hunger, the misguided youths, the uneducated, our troops, the hard working women & men, the innocent and sadly enough, the spineless, etc. It’s their quest to have you all rise, grab your spirit, be strong and be happy with yourselves no matter how different you may look or truly be. Triumph, no matter how complex the obstacle may lay before you. Do not ever let them distort or disturb you when you are truly focused on that particular prize that will bring you much happiness & joy. – Percepto “Plug Mic Check Propers”

‘Project Genesis’ – Official Video
From the beginning you’re hooked, listening to the ill voice schooling you on mankind and then it happens. They strike the grill like a young vicious Mike Tyson.



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