The Welfare Poets – Once Again: Let It Be Known Part 2 (with lyrics)

The Welfare Poets – Once Again: Let It Be Known 2 (Obama Critique originally released October 26th 2012) from Welfare Poets on Vimeo.

The song says it all. We are coming at Obama once again along with Romney and this entire upcoming election/deception. Both are corporate tools of the elite and conspire against the future of, not only this country, but the entire planet.

Quoting Rayzer:

“Your vote is reduced to a commodity, that will never get you out of poverty. A duocracy – Obomney, fronting for a kleptocracy, A mockery to democracy, a tragic comedy. Forever trapped in the Council of Foreign Relation’s Harry Pottery and Barry’s atrocities.”

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The Welfare Poets
One Again: Let It Be Known 2
October 18th 2012

The Legendary M.I.C’s verse:
The planet is dying so you could keep the change
My job options are still dire and my mother weeps the same
we tear muscles to own rubble, borrow money from big trouble
or little china, while the city breeds decay
…Some people cried, i shook my head when they made you
A made man, lord of the light, whore of the angels…
Boots on the ground and death from above like libya
or pakistan today he supports Al Queda in Syria
…So where do his loyalties really lie at?
Why is he spying on you and i from a phone jack?
Thats why he is giving out all of these phones black
Its water off a ducks back
Opium in a ruck sack
Crude petrolium in iraq
Same shit different toilet
Tennessee Titans to Houston Oilers
How many bankers got knocked for fuckin’ robbing all us?
None yet
The public intrest suffers
While money swells from his war chest
This is fascism mein kampf and “all hails”
The only industry growth has been international arm sales
A thats a fact, look it up, its in the books wow!
Might as we well check the internet seeing as niggas don’t read books now
Let it be known the payloads delivered by army drones
Trough out the developing world
Is cause for the poultry to march home
Care packages and cashloans for the big banks and dow jones
And forclosed brownstones is evidence of the true hope that he holds

Rayzer’s verse:
Ayo check it – Class is open, the masses still haven’t awoken
the glass is not just half empty or half full the cup is totally broken
Way beyond the audacity of hoping, the capacity of voting
so the God’s Let It Be Known with the tenacity of some of the illest words ever spoken
With the grip of a Vulcan choking the unconsciousness out these fuckin’ tokens
with simple facts, regarding Obama’s despicable acts
You gotta track the man,see who fronts and backs his plans
like that Predator Program killing thousands in Northern Pakistan
Not only did Barak extend the Patriot Act, he expanded it
but what you expecting with all the Neocons he put his cabinet
And the Dream Act while you were sleeping was extorted
as more Mexicans under Obama when compared to Bush have been deported
Your vote is reduced to a commodity that’ll never get you out of poverty
A Duocracy — Obamney, fronting for this Kleptocracy
A mockery to democracy, a tragic comedy
forever trapped in the Council On Foreign Relations’ Harry Pottery and Barry’s atrocities
From policies like targeting civilians – even children
Remember Abdul Rahman? 16 from Denver blown to embers
And somehow Obama took the Bush tax cuts for the rich and extended them
And civil liberties, he started to dismember them
And what happened to Medicare for all – the single payer plan?
Obamacare is a sham – a Heritage Foundation scam
And it’s unbelievable what he plans to do with Africom
Was it that his African pops left him or because he never had an African mom?
And how can he father 2 daughters Sasha and Malia,
yet order air strikes that murder children in Yemen and Somalia?
And if there’s truly karma, Obama gotta be a gonner
that “uncle tommer” better be wearing Kevlar armor and go to sleep in a B-2 Bomber
Cuz he’s even managed to define just women and children as collateral damage
Now any Muslim male killed – an Islamic savage!!
How many detention centers can one man conceal with “terrorists” then citizens,
while using illegal wire-taps as his evidence?
The whole system’s fraudulent, making the masses subordinate,
dormant, no way I’m supporting it or the lesser of two evils
Either Barak the Lethal or Mitt who’ll also do some shit that’s impeachable
They’ll both have you in a deeper pool of innocent blood that’s un-bleachable
But Obama’s the ” red herring” The Bilderberg’s sent to make the heads blurry
as Feds hurry to raid the rest of the treasury
And it’s gonna get ugly, as bankers recently went on a 7 trillion-plus-dollar mugging-spree with the hope that there’ll be no recovery to this thuggery!!!!

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  1. i am diggin it especially this line “the glass is not just half empty or half full the cup is totally broken”

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