The Welfare Poets: So Alive (shot on tour in Iceland) .


“Hip Hop is far from dead, it’s So Alive. And Let this be no surprise, hear my flow, look in my eyes. Cuz if it dies, it means you will no longer hear the cries, of Black and Brown babies world-wide on the rise.”

Off our “Warn Them” album, check the 1st project on our recent tour of Iceland (Dec 17th 2012 – Jan 7th 2013). In addition to shooting this music video, we also filmed a documentary covering Iceland since their 2009 peaceful revolt after the collapse of their banks and the people deciding to not bail them. Additionally, the documentary will cover Hip Hop in Iceland and an issue regarding refugees search and battle for human rights and justice there, many coming from Africa and the Middle East. With organizations like No Borders – Iceland, we hope push the hand of the government of Iceland (and governments everywhere) to treat these brothers and sisters with dignity/respect.

So Alive credits:
Rayzer sharp on rhyme
The Legendary M.I.C. on beat
and Kaila Paulino on chorus


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