Truth Speaker “Long Live The King” Remix from the forthcoming “SoulFoodDaMixTape”

2-Year-old Baby King loves Mickey Mouse, Minions and his Grandma Honey. He dosen’t look sick, but he suffers from a rare imune defeciency called CD40. Even though he suffers from this life threatning condition, he still likes listening to music, especially the hip-hop song, “Long Live the King,” created for him by Makhai “Truth Speaker” Bailey, a 16-year-old student at Syracuse’s Henninger High School. Bailey, who is too young to donate himself, performs the song to raise awareness of King and his need for a marrow transplant.

King’s mother plans to be at the marrow drive to thank the students and staff at Upstate for trying to find a donor. The marrow donor drive is open to the public Thursday March 17, 2016.
If you are unable to attend today’s drive, and would like to register as a marrow donor or host your own marrow drive, contact the the William G. Pomeroy Foundation at

To learn more about the bone marrow registry, go to…

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