Ybor City Phantom ~ Prossess

Prossess, hailin’ from the Element 5 chapter of Universal Zulu Nation, brings you “Ybor City Phantom,” an album that features legends such as Sean Price (Heltah Skeltah), Keith Murray (Def Squad), Planet Asia (Cali Agents), A-Plus (Hieroglyphics/SoulsofMischief), Lewis Parker, Dynas, Kinetic 9 aka Beretta 9 (Wu Tang’s Killarmy), Shogun Assasson (Wu Tang’s Killarmy), Blabbermouf (Da Shogunz), Propo’88 (Da Shogunz), MC Sha-Rock (Funky Four Plus One), J-Ro (Tha Alkaholiks), Edo G aka Ed O.G. (Ed O.G. & da Bulldogs) & MANY MORE!.. Check the first music video released “Deal With It” feat Edo G at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pKPm2QhfXRM&list=PLDwvHAi_cTRMyu65Juy7GouEIAIEKNy2P and also check the rest of the play list on youtube to see the music video for the bonus track “Rules of the Game” feat Donald D (of Ice T’s Rhyme Syndicate)

Prossess has been on the scene for about a decade as of 03.13.15. You might see him around your city rippin’ a mic or slangin’ CD’s on the street. The Ybor City Phantom lives.



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