Everybody always talks about what WE ARE NOT DOING,and what we don’t have as a people. Maybe if we focused on WHAT IS WORKING, WHAT HAS BEEN WORKING for almost 2 decades and rally around those things maybe we will feel better about ourselves. Tonight I am focusing on sister Mama Akosua Sabree. She is EVERY WOMAN. She is the founder of the 19th Annual Philly Locks Conferences (boast over 10,000 people annually) the mother of ALL AND I mean ALL Natural Hair shows..she has a blueprint that works. Joining us will be a few others that will be a presenting at this year’s conference as well: Runoke Rashid, Pam Afrika, and Basiymah Bey. For moor information about the Locks Conference visit : http://www.locksconference.com/

Link to Show: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/abundancechild/2013/10/04/ac-worldwide-blueprint-for-liberation

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