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SINCE 1794

Savage FAM Renewal

Savage FAM Renewal

First issue of Savage Family’s Friday Freedom Files
Video directed, shot, and edited, by 13 year old Marius

Have you ever seen a youngster who just wanna die//put the rope around they throat and then apologize//say it’s only being born that left an traumatized//gone inside they house and wiped the tears from they mommas eyes//so ima ride for these kids without a second thought//reppin hard for those they forgot I ain’t gone ever stop//until the death is gone this the message I live//take your life of you mess with my kids//don’t feel that you don’t represent shit//if the feds wanna question best expect I’ll resist//my uncle died and he left me with this//he said never submit//to the governments plan//he showed me love and put a gun in my hand//he said you come from a land so sacred only some understand//and very few get renewed from the blood in the sand//so do what you do if they want it again//if you stand for the truth there’s no dishonor in death//I got what he said and I ran wit it//when the revolution starts know my hand in it//Get out the fams business if you ain’t fam with us//cuz anybody can get it especially if you a damn witness//this for my savages the the ones who can’t be told to stop//there’s fake ones out there on the block in fact it’s overstocked//so many lost up in this struggle that we livn in now//they call upon us but they hate us when we gettin down//I was taught to live proud and be a factor in it//and if you say you bout that action better handle business//no forgiveness put emotions to the side//Ima fight til these kids feel like they supposed to be alive/ only sposed to be spittin bout money dope and these bitches//but I don’t do what most supposed to cuz I chose to be different//no I was chosen I suppose that I’ll disclose all this wisdom//create flames to break chains and free my folks from this prison//free Their minds and leave behind what’s been imposed by the system//but it don’t matter even,if you scream cuz no one will listen//they’d rather pose and if you hold it against em they try to kill the message//no need to stress that shit so class is still in session//there will be questions that many afraid to answer tho// they shoot their poison but the truth remains the antidote//my aunty told me that they never want me back at home//they’ll never know the reason you came back but the landll know//and your kids will know and your kids will grow strong//learn traditions carry principles on//the principles in songs they sing but forgot what it means//the promises of prophecies that hey offer in dreams//often these things get lost in the conciousness stream//cuz you don’t become who you born but who they want you to be//and that process is deep it seems so awful to me//if they can’t see it with they eyes nobody wants to believe//your life is what it cost to be free so I understand it//who really wanna kill somebody til it come in handy/don’t come around with its okay to forgive//these mutha fukkkas out here been rapin our kids /and we prayin for them that’s no way to live//if we won’t do it for ourselves then for the sake of the land

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