Tuesday, October 30, 2012
7:30pm until 10:30pm
Calvary Church, located at 48th & Baltimore Ave. in Philadelphia
Please join us on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 at Calvary Church, located in Philadelphia, at 48th & Baltimore Ave., where we will hear from a panel of family members who have lost loved ones to police brutality, including families from the West Coast and the East. They will be joined by activists who facilitate a discussion about ways we can take action within our community to confront police terrorism and hold them accountable when they brutalize and murder citizens of the community. The panelists are as follows:

• Ramona Africa, of the MOVE organization, who has suffered extreme police brutality carried out against her and her family for many decades.

• Jack Bryson, leader of the Oscar Grant Movement in Oakland, Ca.; father of two sons who were with Oscar Grant when he was murdered by a BART officer on January 1, 2009; he has been a community organizer with Occupy Oakland and has been working closely with the Blueford family since they lost their son to police brutality in May

• Adam & Jeralynn Blueford, parents of Alan Blueford, who was murdered on May 6th, 2012 by an Oakland police officer. The loss of their 18-year-old son at the hands of the police has sparked community outrage, leading to a growing movement in California to have the officer charged with murder.

• Nidas Rydas activist Damion Ramirez, childhood friend of Michael Nida, murdered by a police officer in Downey, Ca. on October 22, 2011

• Sharon Black and Rev. C.D. Witherspoon of the Peoples Assembly against Police Brutality in Baltimore, where 13 cases of police brutality have been reported since January 2012.

• Amir Amma is a student, social activist, and a member of the Campaign to End the New Jim Crow, the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, and co-founder of P.A.P.A. II; he was a victim of police brutality when he was tortured upon his arrest, leading to his wrongful incarceration for 20 years in New York

• Ron Hampton, Founder and Former Executive Director of the National Black Police Association (NBPA), currently working with the National Police Accountability Project, dedicated to ending police abuse

• Berta Joubert-Ceci, IAC activist, will serve as the moderator during this panel event.

For more information please contact:
Sandra Jones at jonessa@rowan.edu or Betsey Piette at bpiette@hotmail.com
Sponsored by : The Philadelphia International Action Center and the Delaware Chapter of the Campaign to End the Death Penalty (CEDP)
MOVE, International Concerned Family


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