After his first mixtape titled “Prelude” which was released a few months ago, this time Guerrilla Republik Spain launches its first release as an album entitled “Yom Rishon” whose title is an allusion to the first day of creation translated from Hebrew . This work consists of 12 songs, 10 of them unpublished. To do this they have had MCs Bigg G, Stylo, Bambu, Lion St, Vitin Suarez, Dash Shamash, Ciniko, Level, Ronin Gryn, Lgido, A.Berlancho, El Vitu, Jon, Bakero, Kedir, Jaro Desperdizio and dishes Dj and Dj Element Can. The greater weight of the production lies Dash Shamash, also having Vitin Suarez, the Kariota, Black Diamond, Ricco Lamarca, Rigor Mortis and Hueco prods. A disc loaded high critical and sociopolitical content and everything that concerns us today, something that is being lost in the sound of today … “Only the realist feel this” (Guerrilla Republik)

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