Jag Arreola — “Baraja” (Prod. Underground Chemist)

Art by @infrared.rose on IG

(Verse 1) These pilgrims play a game of human chess It smells like human flesh a lifetime of debt Mad panic in a global pandemic Large amounts of money handed to the rich It might get ugly w/ them ‘Migos on Cinco de Mayo May 5th This is real the police murdered my tio in the City of Bakersfield These bankers kill, the weapon ain’t concealed My DNA was altered in the Live Oak sandbox I’m Cyclops cyclope hijo de Lupe Don’t remove my glasses don’t you lose that package that we sent to your address There’s bags of plata hidden in my mattress Diving out the helicopter Landed on rooftop of the Trump Tower The polvo that I play with is the gun powder Sober for the guerra I don’t need a crutch Los empaco en mi lonchera eat emcees for lunch (Chorus) What you wanna be civil for this a civil war I’m from a fountain city I mounted a 50 caliber to massacre ambassadors

(Verse 2) Like Rob Van Dam I’m hardcore Rolling Thunder I said it before I’m rolling with the thumper In a stolen hummer with no bumper You’ll get your life stolen like pit bulls in the summer in my varrio Your mind blown to pieces when I throw you a granada I’ll hand you a pala make you dig your own grave Ridiculous ain’t it like Puffy puttin’ bounties on Death Row chains My Natives in the county that are fightin’ a case I’m in uniform behind yall like an umpire Empire Inland delinquent my gun fires Bricks of money in the duffle baraja gets shuffled By them ‘Migos where my daddy’s from it’s a filthy vicio Peligro when y’all come across them Brown Filipinos You might lose signal if you play Maria’s Seed front to back If y’all shoot at me I’m dumpin’ back (Chorus)

(Verse 3) I assume you’re war ready if that’s what you’re wearing I know a few arms dealers down in Chile Guerrilla Republik Only The Realist Feel This ! Y’all see this green & black mask on the thumbnail I’m Kung Lao throw my dad’s sombrero at your cuello You’re done now I don’t wear Gucci lenses They’re useless in the trenches no tribal ID Jaguar is who they mention in them stories on IG I’m Native what my ancestors dreamed of You want a fair one I fear none Spoke to your God and I had no repentance Just a strike of vengeance This cannot be a costume these are customs Costumbres entreno y me le entrego a la lumbre While these cats steal bars ima steal cars Sell the parts at an Inland auction When I travel through Mictlan’s eternal darkness

Make sure Maria’s Seed is not forgotten


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