Kozmik Force — ‘KF Boyz’ ft. DJ 1’

(Jag Arreola) Ain’t nobody safe like when the Jakes Drop gun crates in the ghetto Where Raza and Morenos stay The same place where the USA Dumps veneno, chemicals, and waste Makes our people brain dead like Kanye I terrorize the stage or podium listo like Che You’ll get bodied and embarrassed Like the Yankees in the Bay of Pigs Invasion I used to play soccer on the broken pavement Wearing Shaq’s from Payless Born to be a menace not a battery for the matrix Don’t be careless like Hip Hop journalists Hypin’ up that murderous East and West beef The science behind our suffering is deep Three Strikes Crime Bill fathers in prison That’s the work of Bill Clinton So I stay dangerous Chicano Power Bush knocked down the towers to invade Iraq And Barack Obama bombed Africa and the Middle East While deporting my peeps no surrender no retreat What up Native Threat

(Native Threat) On the microphone I’m Genghis Khan Satan Spawn Human Torch the flame is on Hackin’ at ya neck tomahawk ‘til ya head come off KF defense solid like Ben Wallace against Shaq Twenty oh four game 3 homie get back Shots scatter ratatatat chatter the hate Kiss the tip of my blade we’ve only begun to slay Eagle skull on my dome Venom symbiote as armor Spittin’ harder spit sharper The game contaminated too many fugazi Copy and paste I see you too lazy This here is a craft paid dues mandatory Is the path of a word smith Purist of lyricism is certain flirtin’ With the flow vibration tone Feelin’ me colonizers been defeated before Little Big Horn victory focused mind sober up Never stuck guerrera braid me up Prep for war ancestors feel ‘em in my core Corazón this my oración before hittin’ the battle field Ready for war yea we ready for war Let’s go

(Jag Arreola) This word is my bond These rappers in the game like to eat bath salts Set us set this off lyrical assault We takin’ flight with them jaded knives (Native Threat) KF nice with a mic precise With a liken might Native war cry y’all feel the tide Underground the scene Fuck the industry burn down the mainstream (Jag Arreola) Slavery won’t last Y’all afraid of the battle chants This ain’t battle rap Animal mask on my face Capitalistas ain’t safe

(Native Threat) Imperialistas get hanged Unapologetic godless lyrically insane Potency what we slang Rifle on my shoulder dagger on my waist Boppin’ to the bass (Jag Arreola) We escape Windmill headspinnin’ go to war This my call cardboard on the floor Front of the liquor store land marks graff art

(Native Threat) Snatch hearts outta chest cavities Colonizers Rule Everything Around Me C.R.E.A.M fuck the law Chunk molotovs at a cop car y’all Psycho Realm gas mask homage to the DJ Xicanas gettin’ up bombin’ on the freeway Bombin’ on the freeway

***DJ 1’ scratches*** Can’t spell war without a AR Got the Nueve right behind your melon Shoot a jura captain

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