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The police murder people.  Is this because everyone that joins the police is inherently evil? No. Is it because they are on a power trip and just want to beat up and control black people? No (although some do). It’s what happens when you take people from one community and put them in another community and expose them to all the negative parts of that community, drugs, crime, violence and the other products of poverty, with no context of why those problems are there.  The police as an occupying force, in the same way an American soldier in Afghanistan exposed to IEDs and hostility is an occupying force, starts to view the community it polices as criminals, gangbangers and of a lower moral standing, and the result? Violence. It’s easy to beat and murder someone who you view as morally lower to you.  The police don’t always see the grandmother who knows and cares for all the local kids, the Dad playing with his daughter or the so called ‘gangs’ of teens that stick together in comradery to support and protect each other while navigating poverty. Anyone that has spent time in poor communities will have witnessed a warmth and sense of community that doesn’t always exist in affluent white communities where people will often not know the other people that live on their street.  Tony Benn the respected UK labour politician suggested that police should only be able to serve in the communities they live in. The police force was first invented in 1829 by Robert Peel in the UK to protect a new propertied class from those that didn’t have. Prior to this communities managed their own affairs without the need for a police force.  The majority of police officers join the force with a goal of helping people in the community and fighting crime (study by David Lester). But without an understanding, emotional connection and context to the communities they serve in this results in violence. Police violence on black people. The police are murdering people, let’s start a conversation about it. “Mindin’ My Own’ Audio Link:…

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