NYOIL Victory

I also want to say that It’s important to use our talent not to just exalt ourselves but also to help bring joy and light to others.. I hope this song gets you amped and keeps you motivated.

I declare victory today!
In the face of depression, frustration, loss, anguish, despair I’m claiming VICTORY.

I’m claiming victory in the same logic that we claim defeat at the slightest set back. The slightest thing go wrong we claim defeat and we give up and we throw our hands in the air and live in defeat.
Today I’m claiming victory at the slightest thing to go right and I’m going to live up and throw my hands in the air and rejoice in victory.

I woke up this morning and had my first victory of the day.
I will acknowledge that today I may encounter setbacks and challenges… but I will understand them to be exactly that, set backs and challenges because I was born a winner!!

A million like me raced to the egg and I was the one that WON!

I’m claiming VICTORY TODAY. I’m acknowledging myself as the AUTHOR and RULER of my personal UNIVERSE and realize that many of my frustrations are the result of my past decisions, my past actions and inaction. So today I will be a man of POINTED and Purposeful ACTION as I author the victories of TOMORROWS TO COME

I will disregard and discard all negative influences and negative energy that would seek to sway me from my course today. The UNIVERSE has already set my course and thus the plots and plans of people are of little issue.

I will not ask GOD to “WHY?” today.
Because I was CREATED with “WHAT” I need, and the know “HOW” to do it. “WHEN” I decide to live in that light “WHO” can stop me!!

I could have spent my energy this morning writing something that reflected my frustration.. and I would have lived in the filth of frustration.. But I chose to live in VICTORY and by writing this.. and reading this I am moving in the direction of victory with each breath.

I love me…

I believe in me


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