Sol Messiah – Roc Steady feat. Sa-Roc (Official Video)

LISTEN/BUY: VINYL/CD/MERCH: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: VIDEO CREDITS: Director: Tommy Nova Assistant: Gates SONG CREDITS: Written & Performed by Sa-Roc Produced by Sol Messiah Live Bass by Preston Crump

LYRICS: They say a rose by any other name is still a rose And the sturdiest can breach through the granite from which it grows Then I suppose that I’m destined to shock the globe, And that electrifying used to describe me is apropos I’m a — child of chocolate city, Barry era Where they might’ve shot you, left you simmering in your marinara And where them conga drums is rooted in Ghanaian firma Terra Gentrifiers try to mute the beat, I’ll freak it, acapella Bust it, the whole world tried to tell me what I wasn’t But not enough pushed me to extraordinary budgets Trying to exchange this currency to a language you can stomach Show you this Eagle eye view from every angle of my summit Got my formal education from my bloodline, that’s IV Came up in the heart of cocaine 80s, bruv, no ID Life was mostly bitter with a little bit of sweet I had to concentrate to get all of this juice, guess that’s Hi-C They could never break our resolve, homie, I meant that December baby, goat status destined thru my ascendant I tend to keep a chunk of something crystalline on my pendant I’m Liston, Sonny landing these hits with maximum impact Yeah you see it, this big uterus energy The ones that try to play me, them pricks usually into me But they intimidated cuz’ sis stupidly gifted And if you outta order, I’ll show you the sheer brute of my entropy The game still worried ‘bout my fruit of the loom But this that motherland talk and y’all the fruit of my womb I’m tryna reanimate the work of Tubman through every tune ‘Til every black butterfly alive done flew the cocoon See I don’t gotta lotta time for the slicksters and fast talk I’m tryna build another Wall Street from the asphalt You looking for the leader of the pack then go ask Thought All my dawgs is apexes and yalls is industry mascots If I drop something, you know that it’s gon be the shit Got rappers scooping up my biz’ and getting the bag with my schtick But this is certified organic, could never recreate the real And all them hours in the lab gon do is have me more sick Whoa, I know that must sound cocky But Sa-Roc to rap like lil bit of turbinado to ground coffee Got a full grasp of this Queen’s English But when that tongue loose, I’ll hit the booth and make that heifer sound cockney Call me Shocklee, public enemy on every property Cuz I’m a product of that rebel aristocracy So they trail me and Internet stalk me Cuz I’m exorcizing demons with this drip Mephistopheles Me and Sol Messiah ain’t come to play by your rules We finna leave these cheesy dudes chopped, slivered and screwed This is prophecy, this path is a lot bigger than you So imma keep stirring the pot, til the plot thickens and brews Roc #SolMessiah #GODCMPLX #RocSteady #SaRoc

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