This is the official first single and video off our new album, “BLACK FLAG – [The Sargon Chronicles]”. The song reflects the voice of truth trying to be restrained from the people who have the capabilities to spread valuable information. The video becomes a metaphoric perspective equivalent to Harriet Tubman’s Underground Railroad mission, but in attempt to free the people, The Sargonites are out to free minds.

INTRO: Yea, so what you think? Were just gonna lay back here and just let you take our sovereignty. Strip away our rights, just take away our freedom and erode everything we worked hard for? Huh! Nah man, ain’t gonna happen.


This institution is designed to criminalize the mind, politician lead the blind to keep us locked and confined;
We running out of time population is shell shock, lynch the government, kill’em all remind them that hell is hot;
They rather see us rot, and that’s my ammunition, to continue inflicting, till you reach your conviction;
It’s either convince the masses or it’s mass extinction, we separated by classes to power our position;
We moving up tho, refurbishing what has corroded, what we write comes from our spirit so stop selling you soul;
We under control with shimmery objects fashioned from gold;
its more than you know, down the rabbit hole we go;
rewriting the code speaking for the young and the old,
for those lost in the cold plus the brave and the bold;
Till we overthrow, fold, these corporation elitist
How through intravenous injecting infecting my fetus;
In a elections they cheat us, when we electing new leaders;
No longer can we let them deceive us, how can they cheat us;
Through distraction of our psyche and the food they feed us,
so I eat light, grab my gun and strap my Adidas!

(We raise the black flag, crush the spangle banner,
we want you to get mad and feed into your anger
we need you to take a stand now and show them we matter
till the blood splatters on the stars, strips just shatter’

We raise the black flag, crush the spangle banner,
we want you to get mad and feed into your anger
we need you to take a stand now and show them we matter
till the blood splatters on the floor and strips just shatters!)


I’m, waving it and front lining it, for the cause, caught up in it;
Some go seek to capitalize, don’t test me, this ain’t no gimmick;
Ain’t no limits, I breach mis-informants oppose of living;
False decisions, been made up to hinder our only vision;
And not subject to modern lies, images glorified,
from slick talking politicians from fashion being feminized;
Corporate moguls still funding programs out erasing minds,
We countered attack, awake the masses, what they so despise;
That we could unite to eradicate ’em or combat it,
While they seeking annihilation in the form of havoc;
They count down from the devils clock, all performed on ritual lots,
After heard through cavern corridors, I’m a blow they spots;
Then have ’em indicted through a process being slowly flogged,
Increasing magnitude the unforgiven force of juggernaut;
Dismantling barriers no longer held in frozen blocks,
Black Flag soldiers, front line it hard, we could never stop:


We are humanoids sent to bring life to these void,
But on the same coin we can take a life and destroy,
A life that’s meant to be enjoyed not to live strife and annoyed,
the flesh we’ll entice but the spirit we’ll avoid;
Don’t mean to be coy but I was design to resist,
Neurally enhanced with a flick of a wrist,
To opening dimensional rifts wit lines that i enlist,
To redefine and fix so you don’t get caught in the mix;
I’m healing the sick now over looking the risk,
Knowing our condition poor but my words are so rich;
I refuse to quit so I’m going down with the ship,
I’m holding on tight refusing to, lose my grip;
I’m clinching my fist hoping my words reach the populace,
A revolutionist freeing the minds in these metropolis;
Hoping the truth becomes monotonous they ain’t stopping this,
I’m taking arms and cocking this, at the start of the apocalypse;
I know there watching this, but am still walking the path,
Waving my staff like a wizard that mastered the craft;
We one of the last to survive and escaped the crash,
And out of my dead cold hands you can take THE FLAG!;

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