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The WAR cry has been heard. Warriors from all corners hear the echos. 60 years and still standing strong…the time has come for justice. Mumia has been a voice of the voiceless for decades, speaking for the people before speaking for himself. Well it’s time for the people, to amplify his voice, so to heard…for surrender was never an option. It is with GReat honor, that WE the people introduce a POWERFUL collaboration. This design is not just a tee shirt. This is OUR weapon of choice…made out of LOVE. These shirts are being offered to the people with ALL PROCEEDS going DIRECTLY into Mumia’s War Chest. This shirt is available WORLD WIDE. The Bringmumiahome Committee thanks you all in advance for your love, support and contribution. PEACE, LOVE & POWER TO THE PEOPLE OTRFT…GRWWNCNC


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  1. Nate Shead

    I support Brother Mumia and in no way do I want to disrespect or downplay the seriousness of his condition but we have a lot of soldiers who have been railroaded by the United Snakes injustice system. Soldier’s who would otherwise be leaders had they not been effectively neutralized so as not to have any voice all of our incarcerated and wrongfully convicted of nothing more than “Casper or Ghost Crime”.

    I need information on how to post information on another one of our lions who is currently in the Belly Of The Beast in Michigan for the last three decades railroaded into a life sentence although authorities know he is innocent of any and all charges.

    That lion’s and King name is Ahjamu Baruti, author of “Scribes of Redemption” Letters From A Incarcerated Father To His Incarcerated Son. In a book review our brother was described as follows:”A scholar, legal student, theologian-of-sorts, who could have achieved many great accomplishments if life had only spun a tougher web…..if only the sacred geometry of chance had been a little less blurred. But Baruti is no victim (nor does he claim to be)”

    I hooked up with my brother by chance because of my sister reading our brother’s book and she reached out to this brother and I am honored that she did because this brother would be sacrificing and fighting for his people.

    Brother Ahjamu Baruti needs encouragement and help in building up his war chest as well so that he can continue to fight this injustice. Also he needs to know that we don’t forget any of our people no matter whether our sisters, or our brothers wherever they are and no matter whether it is Brother Ahjamu Baruti or Mumia Abu-Jamal. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get our brother’s name and story out to the masses do not hesitate to contact me or contact our brother through the information I have enclosed below.

    And if anyone at this website can contact me on the possibility of adding Brother Baruti to this site if space is available or other arrangements can be made such as design for a T-shirt with our brother’s name and likeness please contact me or Ahjamu Baruti.

    Peace to all and let us leave no one behind in our struggle.

    Ahjamu Baruti/Richard L. Carter
    Kinross Correctional Facility
    16770 Water Tower Drive
    Kincheloe, Michigan 49788


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