The AbyaYala project was created with the intention to strengthen the fabric between the various organizational initiatives that revolve around our continent misnamed Latin America, in recognition of our indigenous peoples, ancestral memory, history and mission of reconstruction dela matria-country large from snails, diaspora, EKUF Blocks Collective, Social Movements, Komunas, Konuko, Milpa, Orchard, Chacra, Minga, Milpa among other experiences. This compilation aims to promote and disseminate the communicational work that our hermanxs Hip hoppas throughout the Pachamama, listen to their experiences, realities, solutions, problems, codigoz, a bank insurgent sounds a compilao that can shoot where we walk to voice AbyaYala.
This third chapter we address the issue of Self – Government the State prologue where several axes Komunal inspired us to include in our ways of organizing for construction Kolectiva leave.
. MICROECONOMICS that originemos from our daily lives.
.ACCIONES and collective practices, or from the aim individually or strengthen the collective. From there the meeting and joint.
• sovereignty and autonomy and allowing for policies from the everyday we release gradually the only thought free market or as marked dependence we have the capital and the private concept of social interaction.
• unselfishness and OVERCOMING eGOCENTRISM at the level of humanity, anthropocentrism and egocentricity centered on the individual places a barrier or boundary that prevents progress in collective processes, as well as establishes a contradiction between man and the environment, where it is not recognized from industrial and urban rights of Mother Earth and other living imaginary expressions, which translates into inconvivencia and permanent transgression, a reproduction of violence.
• LINK wITH MOTHER EARTH. And from there establish everyday practices that minimize to the maximum the environmental impact we have as populations or communities.
• SELF – SUFFICIENCY AND SELF – GOVERNMENT, intended to establish social production units, or units of social property built in the communes, which ensure EU economy or community, enabling them to govern peoples and have food sovereignty. THE toparchy as self – government of the people, as an expression of a “self – governing Republic”, a sustained in communes government.
• HISTORICAL AND ANCESTRAL MEMORY, allowing a cognitive sovereignty and from the knowledge of the people the ability to have multiple and varied alternatives to support and propose different ways of housing construction, utilization and ecological energy use, cultivation and preparation of bio-pharmacy through medicinal plants, as well as the receipt and use of native seeds to produce GM – free food.
• USE aND DEVELOPMENT oF TECHNICAL aND TECHNOLOGY to boost sovereignty from everyday life and facilitate all those collective processes based on our needs and approaches, our soils, geographies and contexts. Technology view as an auxiliary tool and not a crutch that knocked us or makes us extremely dependent on it. This includes the creation of new means of production serve for this purpose.
• ARTS AS PART OF EXPRESSION OF COLLECTIVE identity of a people, and as a means of communication and as an expression of collective constructions of people, reflecting of principles, values, ethics that are reflected in man and the new woman in the distinct society we want to capitalist.
• tHE CONCEPT aND PRACTICE ANCESTRAL of “living well” or “good life” of the people originating as a platform and main argument of decolonization of capital.
• liberating education supported by school-communes and the educational project of Simon Rodriguez, where the school recasts society and establishes a new social relationship, and contribute to a socialist economy, and a way to bond with knowledge from practice and experiences for understanding and understanding of science and with a socio-political formation that generates social being, being COLLECTIVE …
• INTERCULTURALITY, as a principle of meeting diversities to advance the common, in building good living from a methodology that includes and not hegemonizing …
• RECOVERY SPACES expropriated by the bourgeoisie , or local oligarchies, since historically these elites and anti – social classes that have expropriated the people, they have taken and have taken away from them by all possible and imaginable means the sovereignty of peoples and nations, this includes land and infrastructure …
• tHE TRANSFORMATION oF tHE OLD mEDIA PRODUCTION aND CREATION oF NEW OTHER, to correspond with the new community economic model that is driving or attempting to promote. (This includes reformulate the factory, industry, by other means commensurate with the thought of SOVEREIGNTY FROM THE EVERYDAY, means not destroy or contaminate, but rather help the regeneration of the earth, air and water, TECHNOLOGIES CLEAN nondestructive.
• cHANGE MODE PRODUCTION, create new or different methodologies to change the logic of how and for whom produce. We
thank El Indio Anti (Lima Peru / Guerilla Republik Colombia), Clandestine Killa (Guerilla Republik Colombia) Ras Mighty Kalipssus (Guerilla thuluth / Colombia), Jag-War (Guerilla Republik USA), Mike King (Guerilla Republik USA), India Sun (Guerilla Republik USA), Fakir (Block Hip Hop / Peru), Rimas S / A (Guerilla Republik Brazil), Level (Spain), Invisible KS (K-RIBE HHR- Territory / Edo. Miranda, Vzla), Town Cimarron (Edo. Cojedes, Vzla), THC (Guerilla Republik Venezuela, Maure Om (HHR- Guerilla Republik Venezuela, Epatu Konuko), Amus (HHR- Guerilla Republik Venezuela, Epatu Konuko), Legion Lions (Guerilla Republik Venezuela, Edo. Monagas), Muchocumo (HHR, Edo. Miranda, Vzla), Shaman Area (HHR, Edo. Vargas, Vzla), Mc Cura (Edo. Tachira Vzla), Art and Essence (HHR-ICAPP, Edo. Tachira, Vzla ).

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