Abundance Child WORLDWIDE presents Dr. Umar Johnson: Prince of Pan Africanism

The Grand Governess for the Amexem Moor Empire build with the Prince of Pan Africanism…WHY?  If we want to uplift fallen humanity, we have to save the our family our foundational institution and most essential. We can’t be serious about nationality if we are not serious about restoring our family.units…mother and father.
With nearly most of our children being reared in single parent households it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ADHD diagnosis has been on the rise, which in most cases has nothing to do with any neurologically-based brain dysfunction, but rather a family-based emotional dysfunction that is referred to sarcastically but truthfully as “Absence of Daddy from Home Disorder,” which is the real ADHD. ~Dr. Umar Johnson
SHOWTIME: tHURS. 3/21/14 8PM/7C
CALL IN NO. (347)215-6592


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