Afronauts vs Wretchin: The Mixtape Hosted by DJ Soul​-​Buck, by Cee Knowledge the Doodlebug


Heaven and Earth Comics Presents “Afronauts vs Wrecthin: The Mixtape”. Hosted by DJ Soul-Buck aka Mr. Street Sickness. Featuring Cee Knowledge and CFO, Schoolly D, Godhead the General, STS, KIN4LIFE, C-Reds, Bread, WyldLyfe, Sela, Govt Cheaze, Rich Raw, L Tyrannic, ShAnK SixIzzo, Nitty Scott MC, J-Dash, Mr. Fickle
released 17 May 2013
1. 7th dimension -CFO
2. money brings trouble-kin4life
3. its over now-kin4life
4. dont slip- ltyrannic
5. in for the kill- sts
6. queen latifah-kin4life
7. tic toc- cee know and schoolly d
8. faith and hustle- bread
9. new hot- govt cheaze
10. the future- sela
11. the balance- godhead the general feat morbius and block mcloud
12. muhammad ali- rich raw
13. civilization- doodlebug feat sabri majid, kai chi
14. lauguage artz- nitty scott mc
15. beggars- j-dash and cee know
16. grown up story- sela
17. first place- wyldlyfe
19. tear it down- govt cheaze
20. 24 more- mr fickle feat point blank range
21. 808s and Hennesy- CFO
22. Oh my gawd- CFO
23. authority figure- shank sixizzo
24. guilty- CFO
25. legends- c-reds feat rampage
26. jazzy type- CFO


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