ANALYTIXZ : By Professor Griff


20 years of conversations and enter-views with public enemy’s minister of information.

20 Years of Conversations and Enter- Views with Public Enemy’s Minister of Information

By Professor Griff

Reviewed by Kalonji Changa

Analytixz highlights over two decades of candid interviews with a man once considered the most controversial figure in Hip Hop. Professor Griff, one of the founding members of the legendary music group Public Enemy – who brought us classics like “Fight the Power”, “Bring the Noise”, and “He Got Game” – has dropped a historical text that expands beyond the boundaries of Hip Hop and branches into analytical critiques of politics, pop culture, and other facets of entertainment.

Professor Griff, whose role as the Minister of Information for Public Enemy, compiled some of the most revealing, hardcore interviews that he has done over the span of his career as an artist, lecturer, author and activist. The book is an extraordinarily informative literary assemblage that any true Hip Hop aficionado or cultural connoisseur could appreciate.

Analytixz goes into Professor Griff”s role in bringing into existence the image, ideology, and philosophy that paid homage to revolutionaries like the Mau Mau and the Black Panther Party. The interviews discuss everything from the infamous Washington Times article in which writer David Mills allegedly misquoted Professor Griff, to what the Minister of Information felt was his betrayal and ultimate dismissal from PE.

The interviews bring to light the attacks by the Jewish community that accused him of making Anti-Semitic comments, they mention his beef with rap group 3rd Base, and address two assassination attempts. The book is a compilation of a broad array of pieces that take the reader on a journey from discussions with The Final Call to Tavis Smiley, in which Professor Griff holds no punches.

Whether your interest is piqued by Griff’s discussions on the offbeat buffoonery of group member Flava Flav, his views on the “Obama Deception”, or the occult practices of rappers Jay Z and Kanye West, the book is absolutely a must have. Continuing in the vein of Professor Griff and Public Enemy, Analytixz is certain to spark both curiosity and controversy. Analytixz undoubtedly gets a Black Fist raised high!

Kalonji Changa is the Founder/National Coordinator of The FTP Movement

This book is available for purchase here.

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