AP2P (M-1 and Bonnot) – “Real Revolutionaries” feat. General Levy and Paolo Fresu

Official Website: www.ap2p.info – Song taken from the forthcoming album “All Power To the People” from AP2P aka M-1 (Dead Prez) & Bonnot (Assalti Frontali), with the special featurings General Levy and Paolo Fresu (trumpets).
Director: Andrea Zanoli – Co-director: Marcello Saurino – Video editor: Marcello Saurino – Camera operators: Andrea Zanoli e Sara Luraschi – Director of Photography: Andrea Zanoli – Still photographer: Paola Filisetti.
Press: pressoff@bigtimeweb.it
Produced by Bonnot – Mastered by Chris Athens
M1: Bob hit the nail
when he fell on his deathbed
the streets ran red
with blood, sweat and tears
It was too many years for liberation
colonization enslaved a whole nation
Cecil stole that called it Rhodesia
too many white folks catchin’ amnesia
How convenient! History is not an agreement
I guess It’s based on how you see it
Nas was wrong, Mugabe was right!
We gotta fight! Izwe Lethu i Afrika!
Afrika’s our Land
The future is in our hands
So here’s a list of demands
Reparations for what they stole
The People, the Land, the Diamonds, the Gold
Stop the bombing us
Neo-coons Uncle Tom-ing us
Sellin us your empty promises
Your Economist
Propagandizing what time it is
Fuck that digital shit
Back up off our nuts a lil’ bit
And let’s take it back to the Futuristic
I’ll testify as a material witness
These muthafuckas is too sadistic
If you got some melanin
you can get with this
X – that, if you, hear this
That’s the bizness!!

General Levy:

M1: Kwame Nkruma, Sekou Toure
Thomas Sankara
The leaders of tomorrow
The future Garveys
The future Lumumba
The future Bikos
The future Heros
Let’s celebrate a free Zimbabwe
We doin it our way
A national holiday
No more Imperialism, not today
Fuck the I.M.F., Fuck the World Bank
United States of Afrika
Do you think I’m dumb
I know where I’m from
the Continent
I ain’t claimin’ no blocks
you got me bent
I meant what I said
and said what I meant
Obama ani’t my President
That’s just white power
in a black face
This is about Liberation… not race!

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