Tribute to Bob Marley
Peace Pavilion Letter of Invitation
Dear Friend,
The Peoples’ Festival Tribute to Bob Marley celebrates Bob’s legacy of peace, unity and
one love. Historically The Peoples’ Festival has been a day full of fun in the sun for the
whole family! Featuring a Children’s Village, International Food Court, local Businesses,
and Vendors from around the world, Bamboo Rain Hut, Drum & Dance Circle and great
live non-stop music from 2 stages! It’s a great place for people gather and enjoy a
positive day with family and friends!
The Peace Pavilion is where people connect with non-profit organizations, like yours,
who work diligently throughout the year to make our communities a better place to live,
work and raise our children! We invite local and national agencies to share your
passion, spend the day telling others about the positive work you do, and build your
base of volunteers, mentors, and supporters! For a minimal registration fee, you can
put a face to your agency name! And here is the GREAT NEWS!: Your followers,
members and friends can save 10% on their ticket to the festival, while helping you earn
$1 on every ticket sold with your special code! We will assign your code with your
Please review the information included on the registration, contact us via email at: if you have questions, our pavilion manager , Iz
Balleto will get back with you.
Please return as per instructions by the due date to take advantage of this great
opportunity for exposure, and start raising funds right away!!
Thank you for your time, attention.
Respectfully yours,
Genoveva (Genny) Pitts
FB: peoplesfestde Twitter: peoplesfestde

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