Bud-Ez “CrypticWisdom” **Official Video**

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GRim Logic:
Was told to change my ways, thought I’d give it a try/
ask the pastor for guidance, he said it all is a lie/
told me follow no man, who speaks anothers words/
the truth fall on deaf ears, so I’ve heard/
Your crew claim to ride with you, like no other/
they say they’ll even die with you, over some colors/
pop them tools, Rob them fool’s, fuck them other suckas/
tho they claim loyalty even scar killed his brother/
I can feel my sanity starts slippin, so I slowly start sippin../
this cryptic wisdom imprinted in my mental my mission /
to systematically infiltrate they system /
with precision and make sure y’all seeing my vision clear….. /

GRim Logic / Trey Soul:
If bands a make her dance /

Hope I can make her think/

Insanity we glamorize vanity, is it unfair I don’t buy her a drink/

Dont stop to ponder such logic / Tequila BongShots : Sunrise Tonic /
Straight faced adamantium bars / Clawing thru your knoggin / Knockin /

Some say that I’m a righteous man, others say not likely damn /
Mean well, keep a heart of gold I want this like uncle Sam /

Wants your soul / HashTag (#)TotalControl / surveillance grid society/
Hold up what do they have in store /

R.F.I.D. chips inside your brain from the day your born/ and..

Alter genetic code : hormones of humans, cattle, and corn/

Lab rats that shits over quoted it never more /

They done fucked up / they lucks up / Buck up and settle the score /

The nuances in life are intrinsically dangerous to The Machine’s / Implementation of the mechanisms overtone series /
Overflow I know / Cause even though Nature harmonizes, balance beam / EvenFlow is the outcome /
But actually eventually everything shifts / Demographics + Exposure = Inevitability /
Inevitably be seen never more after the score / As The Fat Bitch sings /
At the Opera, I’m Phantom / For thou the bell doth toll / Doth fools get mauled in dark rooms, with dank fumes /
Lungs at full/ Capacity stomach too / Ache in the head, joint pains, Blaze of Glory : Luke /
With The One Force, high frequency / Most high life, frequently repeating truth /
Repetition : Integration : Seeding : The Meaning / De cyphering concept of Cryptic Wisdom : The Teaching

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