CF (Constant Flow) featuring Swave Sevah & AKIR – DOG TAGS

It’s 2014 and the indies are at war with the industry; those who are mobile and fit for combat are the ones left standing when the guns are drawn. The smaller forces lacking traditional resources know they have to be scrappy if they want to survive. In the case of Jersey’s Constant Flow, this realization has become second nature. Instead of siding with a large, faceless company, CF was smart enough to align himself with street legend, Immortal Technique, and his Viper Records conglomerate, where he absorbed the knowledge of a General who knows how the industry operates. Shot in an abandoned prison in Newark, by Alex F. Ghosan, “Dog Tags” captures the rough, desolate themes of the track, as CF and his cohorts Swave Sevah, and Akir, aim to obliterate the naysayers and forces that try to censor their message. Contrary to the humdrum noise that the machine is steadily leaking, the trio prefer to to take a page from the guerrilla playbook by keeping their bars fast and focused, with the interest of their fans at heart. Constant Flow’s debut album, ‘Ascension,’ is out now for your listening pleasure, so check it out today and show some love to the Rebel Arms mercenary as he challenges the giants that stand before him. At the end of the day, you can’t call this a war. Wars end.

• Artist: Constant Flow
• Title: Dog Tags
• Featuring: Swave Sevah & Akir
• Produced by: Southpaw
• Directed by: Alex F. Ghosan
• Album: Ascension
• Label: Viper Records
• Release Date: Sep 02, 2014

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01. Ascension
02. Anatomy of a Revolutionary
03. Dog Tags (feat. Swave Sevah & Akir)
04. Danger Zone
05. Celebrate Life (feat. Wyme & Chino XL)
06. Extra
07. Moment Of Peace (feat. Immortal Technique & Melanie Fontana)
08. Winter Blood (feat. Beast1333)
09. Young Lord (feat. Kelly Finnigan of Monophonics & Wyme)
10. Devil’s Maze (feat. Immortal Technique)
11. Bars (feat. Dontique)
12. Sunshine (feat. P.J. Pacifico)
13. You’re All Welcome

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