Ekcelent – “Nevedomí” feat. Osma, Unknown Mizery, Speciez & Labrak (Prod. Skay)

The future is “bright”
Osma, Ekcelent, Unknown Mizery, Speciez & Labrak!

[Verse 1: Ekcelent]
It hangs in the air, pressure is low
Fear. The city is quiet, no need to resist
Resistance is already dead
The view is sad. People are silent
The sun’s gone dim
Feel the smog around
Artifical light, reflector
Camera watching your every step
Wrist, sign of the beast
Implanted microchip under your skin
The ones who have it, saved by God
The ones who don’t, hide for eternity
LRAD if you have no ID
Citadel on the outskirts
ECHELON is tracking you always!

[Verse 2: Osma]
I came here and I know about consciousness
Buddy, I only stand for
And refer to the truths
I can sense a good mind and I admire it
Things that count are lost on the bottom
Wrong opinions act treacherously
All of it will fall, all of it will wither
Look for the roads that lead the right way
Unconscious – we look for the God
Some of us full of doubt, they run away fast
They don’t know that brisk truth
Is written inside the Man himself
They won’t get enough information
Then they end up disillusioned
Stripped of their souls and their own basis
They are consumers – U.S. democracy!

[Chorus: Ekcelent]
Love is hate, war is peace
Ignorance is bliss, I know
Hunter is prey, badness the key
Ideocracy, beautiful dream
Truth is envy, soul is a shadow
Illustration is positive only
Betrayal is a virtue, coma the movement
Idioglossia fragile

[Verse 3: Unknown Mizery]
Transparent pandemic, see through thoughts
Go-go robot eyes spy on the block
Watch every movement, noted and locked
Weed in the socks. Keys in the moss
Beast in the fog with the beacon of war
Seek and destroy you, a vegan, no beef, but I eat –
Flesh of emcees, so they call me the freak
Poverty speaks and the roberies tweak
Controlling our sleep and controlling our speech
Patrolling the thoughts and exposing the watts
Bills getting passed while our rights getting slashed
Vice in the stash with a pipe in the bag
A life on a tag, on a toe
Nothing can shock us – no!
Cops got a bug to creep and bust slugs
IMF, World Bank – we let ’em all hang

[Verse 4: Speciez]
The public’s engaged by the love & the hate
Trust in the ways and the governments play
With blood in the rain
We’re all numb to the pain – no freedom, fuck what we say!
Invest your funds to a bank
You could run but they gain – with a gun to your face
Turn to dust or decay. Toxins pumped through our veins –
Lost all love and the faith
So unload at the congress!
No peace on this road, many foes on the conquest –
Putting holes through your garments
So unload at the heartless – or go home in a coffin!
No hope in this godless
We must revolt the fraudulent!
Expose ’em tie a rope to the throats of those
Who gloat within conflict!

[Chorus: Ekcelent]

[Verse 5: Labrak]
People are unconscious, their conscience sleeps
Without emotions when they attack like fighter dogs
Don’t look for morality in the house where only mammon lives
Where compassion is weakness and hatred is law
Days are too short and nights too long
Fear that ignites fire is spreading outside
Fight for resources is moving to another level
Where humanity is dead and we behave like machines
The less you know the better for them
The group of elites that rule the Earth
What has been the truth yesterday isn’t truth today
Uncertainty is the purpose so you don’t know what to believe
Devil knows well what sounds good to you
He has his methods how to get inside your head
He wants to kill your dream against all odds
Because who fulfills his dream is the winner of the game

[Verse 6: Ekcelent]
You ask what year it is
Many people have forgotten
Their memories have been erased
Look over there, do you see that tetrahedron?
Year 2025. Such is the world
Look – that’s their shrine
Center of control. Such a gray world
Wake up and join us!
Unknown Mizery, Ekcelent, Speciez
And Osma – the last camp
So get up, pick up your weapon
Be yourself and guard the fort!
Listen – no one else will do it for you
You must be that change!
Follow with honor and lead your own
Fight with a purpose awaits us all!

[Chorus: Ekcelent]

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Rap, Text: Ekcelent, Osma, Unknown Mizery, Speciez & Labrak
Hudobná produkcia: Skay
Mix/Master: Ondřej Černý
Album: Asymetrický boj (2014)
Vydavateľstvo: Nezávislý umelec
Vizuálna produkcia: Ekcelent

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