Ekcelent – “Vyhnanec” [OFFICIAL VIDEO] feat. Realita

“Som občan tejto Zeme, som iba hľadač pravdy.” Oficiálny web: https://www.ekcelent.sk Kontakt / Booking: ekcelent@gmail.com Ekcelentov nový solo album s názvom “Exodus” vychádza koncom roka 2018 a bude obsahovať 18 skladieb. ☢ https://www.facebook.com/Ekcelenthttps://www.facebook.com/RealitaRap

Verse 1 (Ekcelent):
I stand here on my own, like a soldier on the battlefield
I was exiled, I’m denounced and misunderstood
Not taking any sides, doesn’t matter who you vote for
Blue, or red, I’m a deceived voter

You’ve driven me away on the outskirts, from the distance
I’m looking at the mess you left behind, farewell
You have painted a picture, and that’s a fact
Fabricated the evidence, just like in Syria or Iraq

That’s why I’m staying in the back and learning to survive
In your web of lies, I would rather not live
I have my own world, truth is my credit
Not the private data, Mark Zuccerberg’s a scoundrel

You got exactly what you wanted here
I won’t be imprisoned in your cell
My codex is truth, I don’t believe you anymore
I’m relying on myself, I am my own commander

Verse 2 (Realita):
I know the truth and I want the change – that’s why I’m the threat
Truth holds tremendous value, the hunt begins
On those, who know it, they wanna hit them like a home run
We are outcasts on the brink, the unaccepted kind

I never liked authorities ever since I was a kid
Because I knew very well that they weren’t right
Prescribed opinions directly to the heads
Those who didn’t accept them, have become rebels

The system has branded us as extremists
They’re just afraid of truth and that’s why they say it
Ever since I was a little kid, reality hit me hard
I knew very well that the karma will turn around

Wasn’t waiting on a miracle
I’m swimming against the stream, as was once Labrak
Path with the masses in not the right one, they thought I was crazy
Humanity is blind, just a step into the void

If you wanna behave how they tell you
You will end up there real quick
But if that nonsense bothers you too
You’re like me, let’s call ourselves brothers

Verse 3 (Ekcelent):
I’m an outcast, they laugh at me because I know more than them
I’m a convict, at least that’s what the media say
Modern Odyssey, my will made from Iridium
Modern technology is like a Trojan horse

Freedom of speech dies every day
Political correctness is like a shadow
They wanna ban us from speaking out, ban us from having guns, to kneel
Brave New World, like Boy Wonder said it

Humanity is on a brink of a new era, new age
Beating on its own chest, being proud of its achievements
The more things have changed, the more they stayed the same
In a country where the people are just slaves

Of foreign corporations, the World Bank
If a country won’t submit, they will send the tanks in
Free like the Beacon, Slovak like Militia
I am the citizen of Earth, I’m but a truth seeker

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