Gentle Jones Slack Jaw


Gentle Jones sits comfortably atop the Mason-Dixon line in his home state of Delaware, performing frequently as a Hip-Hop MC and DJ, though he’s done stints as the front man for a Ska band and a Punk band as well, winning local awards and international acclaim. His music is a playful conglomerate of live musicians and studio wizardry which showcases Jones breathtaking vocal range, moving easily from singing, to screaming, to intricate rhyming cadences. Honing his craft on stages from California to Ireland, Gentle Jones has delighted concertgoers beside music legends The Wailers, Murs, Condemned 84, Murphy’s Law, The Pietasters, Cappadonna, Trombone Shorty, Brother Ali, The Slackers, and Bad Luck 13. Gentle Jones is a phenomenal songwriter with working class roots and space age chops.

Track List: 1. I’m Back (Produced by Genesis Ian, Cuts by Auxiliary Phoenix) 2. My Hair is Perfect (Produced by Auxiliary Phoenix) 3. King Onashoestring (Produced by E-Styles, Cuts by Auxiliary Phoenix) 4. Fall of the Humans (Featuring Marchitect) 5. Indiana Jones (Featuring Shawn Lov, Produced by E-Styles) 6. Let’s Ride (Cuts by Auxiliary Phoenix) 7. Return of the Skinheads (E. Ranglin) 8. She Just Left (Live at the Wilmington Bob Marley Festival) 9. Cool Brothers (Featuring Shawn Lov, Cuts by E-Styles) 10. Rick Rubin (Featuring D. Harv, Produced by Complexxx) 11. Scientology (Featuring Marchitect) 12. Rolling Joints with My Mama 13. Karma (Gentle Jones with The Barons)



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