godHead The General “New York State of Mind” Dj Soul Buck Remix

With this video we wanted to celebrate the 2nd element of Hip Hop Break Dancing. So we searched for footage of some B-Boy battles and break dancing ciphers. Also some old footage of some 1980’s breaking to give you a old skool classic feel with a new skool twist. This song is also for all my New Yorkers who made their homes in other states, countries and later Mars…. The New York State of Mind never leaves you though you make another spot your new home.

New York State of Mind is a track off The X-Factor (The Trendsetter Gene) album. This song was Produced by Mekz One aka The Black Mage and remixed by DJ Soul Buck aka Mr. Street Sickness. The video footage with godhead The General and DJ Soul Buck was shot by Zakaryiah Hardin. And all other footage was from random break dancing videos and several others video footage.



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