godHead The General – The UNseen Hand (Official Video)

Three of godhead the General’s personalities are having a deep conversation on the state of the world. Mr. Paranoia, The Tiny Hero and The Beast are all locked in a debate to see which personality will control godhead The General’s mind and body. From the forthcoming Behold The Tyrant – Lord of War Vol. 2 produced entirely by Ganjak.

Written by: godhead The General
Beat production, mixing and mastering by DJ. Ganjak
Recorded at Disturbia Studios
Camera work by: Sabina Diaz
Video Editing by godhead The General and Sabina Diaz

Coming soon to thortakeover.com (under reconstruction & relaunch)

Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/godHea
twitter @thortakeover

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