HELP Guerrilla Republik Scandinavia Get A Van!


Since our humble beginnings Guerrilla Republik Scandinavia Apparel has been committed to serving the community. Serving the community can be quite difficult though when you have to depend on public transportation. A majority of the money generated by sales of hand crafted products made by Guerrilla Republik goes to hosting youth and young adult work shops, free community events such as street cyphers, open mic nights and lectures and also holding hip hop events that create opportunities for local youth and young adults to gather together in a safe and positive environment to enjoy themselves while interacting with like minded individuals. Unfortunately a large percentage of money we generate ends up going to shipping fees, car rentals and public transportation. We are determined to remedy this problem because 99% of life is showing up and WE need to get there! Without proper transportation we have had to cut back on hosting community events (which is our very core), we have had to cancel events and decline offers for GReat opportunities because we had no way of getting there. We need your help! We are turning to the very community we are looking to serve and asking for a helping hand. We desperately need a van so that we may continue our mission in life which is to serve the people. Together with Guerrilla Printing & Logo Designs we have created this fundraising campaign with many GReat deals to offer those willing to help us out or you can just donate even a dollar brings us that much closer to our goal of 34,000 nok (which is about $5,000USD).

This van would be a huge help when pertaining to out extreme sports team. We sponsor a hand full of extreme sporters and we would really love to get to and from their sprting events to support them.




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