Hip Hop Legend Black Dot in Los Angeles


LOS ANGELES, CA – January, 27th, 2013 – The FTP Movement (FTPM) will host Hip Hop icon Black Dot at the renowned KRST Unity Center of Afrakan Spiritual Science (KRST).

For the first time in Los Angeles, (FTPM) presents to you the World Renowned Hip Hop Legend, Master Teacher, Author, Metaphysician and Emcee Black Dot. His Visual Presentation is titled “The Transformation of Consciousness through the Science of the Spoken Word and the El-Khemy of Sound.” Black Dot is one of the preeminent minds of this generation. In 2005, he released the book called, Hip Hop Decoded, which was viewed by most as controversial, yet was labeled as an underground classic by Hip Hop purists. Today, the Black Dot lectures on the history and philosophy of Hip Hop at colleges and universities around the world. This epic presentation takes place Sunday, January 27th, 6pm at (KRST), 7825 S. Western Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90047.

About FTP Movement

FTPM formed in response to “the system’s” disregard for the poor and its oppressive conditions that foster poverty. With a focus on uplifting poor and urban communities respectively, and promoting unity, justice, freedom, and self-sufficiency, FTPM strives to work on behalf of “the people.” *As a grassroots organization, FTPM operates through the hearts of its members, who consistently serve with the passion to work as activists and revolutionaries. FTPM is embodied by its logo, an artistic representation of the Siafu Ant of Eastern Africa, a species that exemplifies the essence of teamwork. The Siafu has no eyes and no venom – only strong jaws. Individually each is small, but as a team they can strip a water buffalo down to the bone in less than an hour. FTPM is much like the Siafu Ant – small in size, but powerful beyond measure.

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